OpenVPN client issue

We utilize OpenVPN a lot in our operation. Recently, I ran into an incident where the client oddly would fail to connect.  Other users were able to connect without issue, so I knew it had to be an issue with my PC.  It took awhile to troubleshoot because NOTHING was being entered in the OVPN logfile (via the GUI).  It was helpful, in terms of diagnosis, to run the client from the command line.  To do so, open a command prompt.  Then type openvpn.exe somefile.ovpn.  Replace "somefile" with the name of your ovpn file.

In my case, the command line provided a clue, which the GUI did not (could not).  Ultimately, the fix for me was simply to update the GUI/client.  I was running an older version which was not compatible with the new server to which I was connecting.

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